10 Photo stocks where you can sell pictures that you have taken

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Whether you are professional or amateur photographers, you can make money online by selling your photos online. Pictures for sale are a product required by graphic designers or webmasters and the public in general for various purposes. How much money you will earn? It depends on your investment, the amount of pictures you will upload and your marketing work and skills. Unlike stand-alone images websites, the below list of websites already have many potential customers that visit the images stock seeking for images and if your images meets their needs they might buy it. 

Working with Images Stocks 

Register at image stocks that you want to sell your photos and then begin to upload your pictures by the stock requirements (minimum size, minimum quality, composition, etc.). Your uploaded photos will be reviewed and will be approved (or not). Once a picture or photo approved, it will be accessible to buyers. A buyer who bought your photo paying to your cumulative account and at minimum required you can withdraw the money, by credit card, PayPal, and other options. 

Note this several important things 

First and foremost you must study carefully what are the requirements for a picture or photo before uploading it. Read the requirements and terms of use since each photo stock has different requirements. Secondly, you must enter the correct details with a good title, description and keywords. This way the buyers will reach easily to your image and might purchase it.

Try to select the best photos stocks that will fit you. There are hundreds and thousands of photos stock, choose those that provide the best profit on the one hand, and on the other hand, that have lots of visitors, so you'll have a better chance to sell your photos. 

Below listed 10 photo stocks for selling you pictures:

IStock - leading photo stocl allowing to register, upload pictures and sell it. Your profit from any sale is 15% or if you become an exclusive member you can earn up to 45% profit per sale of your image.

Fotolia Images Stock - Also among the leaders that allowing you to sell through pictures and photos. 20% to 60% profit.

Dreamstime - Allowing you to sell and earn profit of 20% to 25% on each sale. If you become exclusive, you can reach a 60% profit from each sale.

Shutterstock - Possible profit from each sale from $ 0.25 to $ 28, depending on the image license sold.

123RF – Another excellent image stock that allows selling photos online with profit that range from 30% to 60% on each sale.

CanStockPhoto - 50% profit from each image sale.

Stockxpert - Gain of 50% of all sales.

PhotoShelter - a slightly different, you are creating a site that displays your images, like a portfolio, and you who set the price for your images.

Alamy - Gain 50% profit of all sales.

SmugMug - A system for building website to display your images in a profit of 85%. You can offer for sale works in print works and books based on your picture, as additional products.

The sites on the list are among the leading photos stocks, and naturally there are other who could not be included in the list. In addition, the earnings can vary from specified above.