Help Me Sell On eBay

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Some of my friends know that I sold stuff on eBay and ask me all the time "please help me sell on eBay", so I have decided to write a short post with some main points and tips that can help them and you to sell your stuff on eBay.

What to sell on eBay

This one is really important issue when you planning to sell products on eBay. Basically, you can sell everything you got starting from new products to second hand products and very old products. You can list everything and offer it for sale.

The big BUT on this point is that not everything is being sold. Some products can lay on your listings for months and more without being sold. Some of it will be sold very fast. How can you know what to sell on eBay? Just make a simple check on eBay for a similar products like you have and you planning to sell. Check how many items was sold by searching the ended listings.

If you got an item that have been sold easily, list it and offer it for sale, it is most likely that your item will be sell fast.

Pricing and Shipping

Those two are the most important issues when you go on selling on eBay. Good price for your item with a nice profit for yourself can make your item more sold-able. For those who ask if it cost you to sell on eBay? Yes. The item's listings are free, but if you sell your item the are two main fees – eBay fee and PayPal fee.

Considering the fees of eBay and PayPal, if you can offer your item in a low price than other eBay listings, you can make it more attractive.

As for shipping, I always use FREE SHIPPING option (unless it a very big item) and include shipping costs in the item price. Free shipping items sell more.

Starting selling your items on eBay

If you don't have a simple eBay account, just get in to and open a new account. At the top of eBay's website you will find a link of 'sell'. Click on it and open new listing for any of your products by following the fields instructions.

As I mentioned above, consider offer your product with a good price and free shipping. As those things are important, the product's picture is another important issue. Take a good selling images of your products. The quality of your product's picture have a huge influence on buyers.

After listing and selling: Costumers Service

After selling your products it is most important that you will handle the shipping and delivery as fast as you can. Also, you have to handle issues like returns and questions from your costumers with the best and fast way you can. Don't forget that your costumers will rate you and a high seller rate on eBay, will help you to sell more.  

That's it. Hope I answered your question and helped you on selling on eBay.
Good Luck!