How to find Internet Explorer Browser on the new operating system Windows10

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You have upgraded your operating system to Windows10 but couldn't find Internet Explorer (IE)? This happens because the new operating system's official browser is Microsoft Edge.

If you couldn't get used to the new browser, that's fine. Sometimes it's hard to get used to a different browser and certainly if introduced significant changes (location of buttons, etc.). If  you want to continue working with the Internet Explorer browser, the good news is that it is still exists in the operating system, but is hidden.

To find Internet Explorer on Windows10 operating system:

1. click the Start button.

2. click All Apps and scroll to the W menu.

3. choose Windows Accessories and your Internet Explorer appears.

For convenience, you can click the right mouse button option and choose More, and from the menu that appears choose Pin to Taskbar to set them at the bottom of the screen. 

How to find Interbwr Explorer on Windows10

Another way faster to detect is to click the search button (the magnifying glass) and type Internet Explorer. The browser will appear at the top of the results and than click the mouse right button and set it to the desktop.