How to delete old tweets fast - Guide

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Do you want to delete old embarrassing tweets from your Twitter user? There are things that you regret that you have tweeted? This is how you can delete old tweets from the past easily and fast:

Using Twitter Search

Twitter search has progressed enough this past year and allows to find tweets by entering keywords, if you know more or less what the Tweets you want to delete were about. Just enter the search bar at the top of Twitter's screen and keyboard. After finding the Tweets, you can delete it manually one by one.

You can also ask for your Twitter Tweets Archive File and search and locate your unwanted tweets on Twitter itself.

External sites that perform delete tweets

There are quite a few websites that will allow you to delete tweets in different forms, for example:

Tweet Delete - allows you to delete tweets from a specific date and backwards.

Tweet Eraser - delete tweets from a specific date and backwards.

There are also applications for deleting tweets fast for Apple users like Tweeticide and more.

You should know and remember, it is not possible to undo and restore the Tweets after deleting.