Promote Your Business Using Online Video Websites

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For business owner who want to gain more traffic for his website and understand that the basics advertising methods are not enough, can use online video website to get more for their website and products exposure.

Promote Your Business Using Online Video WebsitesOnline video website are one the best ways to get more and more traffic and impressions. These website already have lots of traffic itself, so by working the right way, you can pull some of this traffic into your business website or at least get huge exposure to your business products and its services.

Step One: Filming

Start take cool scene of you or others using your products or others getting services from you. You don't need to be a great director or producer for that or have a great video camera, you can use your smart phone camera to capture it. Most of the new devices can record HD videos and upload it directly to video websites.

Once you have a short video, that is cool, or funny, or representative, you can upload it to these video websites. Remember, that you don't need a long period video. A one or two minutes video will be the best. It's well known that nobody likes to sit and watch long videos, specially if it deals with products or services.

Step Two: Upload Your Video To Online Video Websites

There are many great online video website you can upload your new videos, but the best way is to use YouTube. YouTube is the biggest resource foe watching and uploading videos and have the greatest traffic amount you can find on these online video websites. Owned by Google it has its own advantages to get high quality ranking for you website and so.

If you like you can search for more online video websites like YouTube and upload different videos. Don not upload the same video to multiple video websites because if a visitor visits one website and watching your video and than visits other website and see it again, you might loose him.

Step Three: Title, Describe and Keyword Your Video

During upload, you can edit the info of your video. Don't just upload and forget it, you must give your uploaded video a title, a description and keywords that describe the best way its content. Your video title, description and keywords will help the potential viewers to find it and watch it.

Important Tip: Add your website link at the description of the video and call for action (click here and so).

Step Four: Share Your Video To The World

This last step will give your video the first push to be famous and get as much views as it can:

* Embed the video on your own website with the embed code given.

* Send your video link to your friends and family by email with a couple of words about it (avoid spam).

* Share your video link on the social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc.


Remember, More views - more promotions to your services, products and your website.